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Bob Parks Auction Company is an elite team of experienced and professionally trained people who utilize the auction process to sell property. Recognized as a leader in the industry, Bob Parks Auction can help you sell your property. The traditional approach to buying or selling real estate involves several middlemen – the seller’s realtor, the buyer’s realtor, and perhaps an attorney retained by the seller and an attorney retained by the buyer. Many aspects of the process, such as open houses, are designed primarily to help the real estate agent build his or her business, with an only residual goal of helping the buyer find a property or the seller to find a buyer.

Buying or selling at a Nashville auction is different. The land auction process eliminates a few of the middlemen, and makes the process more efficient, and these savings are passed along to the buyer and seller. At Bob Parks auctions, you’ll find a wide variety of properties around the Nashville, Tennessee area. Possible properties include bare land, operating farms, liquidated businesses, and single-family homes.

Our unique combination of experience and technology puts you in the driver’s seat. We don’t wait for buyers to come to you. We go to them, wherever they are - via the Internet, direct marketing, telemarketing, advertising and other media. When in the market for Nashville property, consider the financial advantages of buying or selling with Bob Parks..




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